Acceleration Program

Acceleration Program

The 4-month Acceleration Program is for companies that already have a viable business model and minimum viable product, and are preparing for growth and expansion phases. This program’s outcomes include:

  • product evolution
  • strategic plans
  • investor meetings
  • market access

In the 4-month Acceleration Program, you’ll receive personalized guidance, mentoring, and support from a dedicated team of strategic business advisors. This will include one hour per week of live consultation, plus detailed monthly review meetings to track progress and assess strategy.  Y
our dedicated ImpactXcelerate team will help you devise a comprehensive business plan to identify focus areas, accelerate product development, achieve key milestones, accurately assess market conditions, project business financials and more. After the 4-month program, your ImpactXcelerate team will complete an objective assessment of your progress and will continue to meet with you monthly for up to three years post-acceleration.

Join our Acceleration Program and watch your startup transform into a growing, thriving business. Review our mutual responsibilities in this program below.

Shared Responsibilities

Your Startup

Commitment to Success: You’ll actively engage in the program and  dedicate time and effort towards achieving your goals.

Follow-up & Implementation: You’ll execute the advice provided by IX, implement suggested strategies, and work towards target milestones.

Ownership of Decisions & Progress: You’ll drive growth, make informed decisions, and own the progress of your company.

Openness to Feedback: You’ll maintain an open mindset and welcome feedback from advisors to iterate and improve strategies.


Guidance & Mentoring:  IX will deliver valuable insights and strategies to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Business Plan Enhancement: IX will refine business plans to ensure clarity, feasibility, and scalability to attract investors and sustain growth.

Product Acceleration: IX will advise on both the technical and market aspects of product development, helping you meet customer needs.

Market Access: IX will provide valuable connections, partnerships, and strategies to help you penetrate and thrive in target markets.

Investor Access: IX will facilitate access to investors so you can pitch your ideas confidently and secure investments to fuel growth.